The Kremlin’s Candidate

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The Kremlin’s Candidate is the ultimate novel from The Red Sparrow Trilogy. It is written by Jason Matthews, where his success with earlier chapter of this series made this novel a highly awaited one. Glad to find out that the novel didn’t disappointed the fans at all. The Kremlin’s Candidate is an espionage mystery thriller, where you will hear about lots of action in Russia and about the role of spy and CIA intelligence officers.

The story of course is dominated by Dominika who is an undercover spy working with the terrible people in Russia, the place dominated by its Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin. Jeremy Bobb once again is the chosen narrator of this novel, who with his brilliant tonal quality has done a fantastic job.

The counterintelligence chief of Russia, Col. Dominika Egorova gets recruited in the CIA, while stealing all the secrets of Kremlin for the sake of Nate Nash, her CIA handler. This continued to happen for 7 long years.

In this finale of The Red Sparrow Trilogy, a newly formed administration of United States is picking up its cabinet members. Dominika Egorova heard a whisper of the Kremlin operation and to plant a mole at a very dominating position in intelligence.

But, the thing in real was much worse than that. One out of the 3 shortlisted candidates has been a major spy in Russia for over a decade and during this tenure has sold out many valuable secrets of U.S.

If the candidate of Kremlin is confirmed, then the Russian would eventually have their access to the identities of all those, who are spying in Russia for CIA.

Palace of Treason and Red Sparrow are the other two chapters of The Red Sparrow Trilogy. The Red Sparrow novel became a huge sensation after its release and helped its author win the notable Edgar Award and also happened to be the best-selling chapter written by Jason Matthews.






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