The Lake House

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Those audience who are having first experience with author Kate Morton would be really impressed with her literary writing skills and the way she layered this novel. The Lake House. The twists and turns in the novels are found to be acceptable and it is good enough throughout its length. It is a contemporary fiction novel. Caroline Lee has given the narration of this 21 hours long novel in her brilliant expressive voice.

Alice is living on a lakeside estate in Cornwall, were the property she was living in was of her family. She is known as an inquisitive, clever, sharp, innocent and a bright 14 years old girl. She is fond of writing stories. But, all the mystery stories that she writes are no comparison with what her family is near to endure.

It was one fine evening of midsummer, Alice was in a party at the estate with lots of guests. She found child of one of the guest attendee who got disappeared without any trace. The child name was Theo. What comes after this is quite tragic, which literally tears apart the entire family in a way, which they could have never imagined. All this build up left the estate just as empty as the shattered hearts of many.

60 years later, when Alice became a fine and a successful author, the case of Theo remains still unresolved. Even at 80 years of age, she couldn’t come out of that trauma.

The Forgotten Garden and The Clockmaker’s Daughter are some other novels by Kate Morton, where her fictional stories are really engrossing for the audience. It is worth investing your time in the audio versions of these novels.







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