The Land: Forging

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After a spectacular opening of the chaos seed series Aleron Kong presents a nice continuation in the form of this second part. Just like the first part this part too has everything you ask for, there is action suspense and of course creatures that amaze you all the way. Richter and Sion again come to the land with their spirit sky high, however this time these two face a situation that is a bit tough to handle.

Though these friends have shown us in the past that they can level anything in their path but still the duel proves to be too hot for them to handle. The adventure thus reaches to an epic proportion and that has been a quality of Aleron Kong’s work whether you read this part or others like The Land: Founding: A LitRPG Saga and The Land: Predators: A LitRPG Saga the stakes are always high for the adventurers in the story. This series also proves to be a master piece as each part is a standalone novel.

The novel shares the same idea of the previous parts but is not connected with them in such a way that one has to read all the parts to know about the continuation. The landscape is the same so are the main characters but the creatures they meet and the missions they take don’t need previous links. This chapter is full of fictional creatures like the dwarves and a one of a kind character, the wood elf who thinks that he possesses a pretty face.

Nick Podehl the narrator for the whole series is no doubt a nice selection and the narrator has proved it as well through the quality of the work.






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