The Land: Raiders

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It’s all about Richter the moment we enter this sixth part of the saga we meet a changed version of him. He is not the defensive Richter anymore, the one who likes to fight and then hide. He is willing to show his true colors now and a leader and hero at the same time.

The humor suddenly loses its fragrance as well as Aleron Kong come to this part with a serious note. This is the emergence of a new king of the land in the form of Richter thus there should be no humor related to his kingship.

The mist village finally reveals itself that has been hiding from the second part The Land: Alliances: A LitRPG Saga and it is finally revealed that the mist was not hiding people but monsters.

Thus monsters and the goblins attack Richter’s village in order to wipe out the locals but Richter’s true power is unleashed luckily at the right moment. It’s enough hiding, running and sneak attacks for Richter as he takes the battle to his enemies this time.

Richter along with his allies like the wood spirits and the army of the Mist village moves further and though at the start he appears to be a force that can win a battle single-handedly takes the aid of these two forces.

Thus it’s a planned battle after all, not a demy god making the sky fall on its enemy. But overall it’s not the Richter we read about in the first five books, it’s a man with a fighting spirit that emerges this time.

Nick Podehl continues the narration in the same brilliant way and there is no weakness in the narration since The Land: Forging as the narrator has dealt with each chapter separately and has done an extraordinary job throughout the series.


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