The Land: Swarm

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First, we heard of the storm in the third part and now the swarm, nature is different but the expected outcome is the same i.e destruction. Aleron Kong continues writing about the quest of Richter and Sion in a tragicomedy way.

Whenever we try to look at the story in a serious way the writer intentionally adds the scenes and a sense of humor in it. This means that Aleron never wanted the Chaos Seeds series to be a rigid serious one, though there are certain scenes of human losses they are not given the full support by the writer.

So we the listeners or readers forget those deadly scenes quickly as the writer doesn’t let us indulge in them for a long time.

It has been Aleron’s intentions to bring humor for the audience, not a tragedy. Even in the endings of The Land: Founding: A LitRPG Saga and The Land: Predators: A LitRPG Saga we just observe hope in the characters and the sentiments are not the sad ones.

The quest is never altered by the happening all-around which shows that they never had any impact on the main characters. Sion and Richter come back to the land once again for another battle as the mist village gain strength once again.

And like always the mist village is not the only force our heroes are dealing with. They have to face a rock giant and the secrets spices of the colonel and more than that they are worried about Elora as well.

The race against time once again continues in the voice of Nick Podhel as the new and old rivals converge on the land once again for one prime goal.



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