The Last Boyfriend

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The Last Boyfriend is the pen ultimate novel in the Inn BoonsBoro novel series. It is masterfully written by Nora Roberts, who had the reputation of one of the finest fictional writers of her times. The novel this time is a contemporary fiction and a highly grasping one for the audience. MacLeod Andrews has done the narration of this novel, which is a task well done by him as he was widely appreciated for his performance.

Montgomery clan’s owner is Own, who runs the construction business of the family with an iron fist and also sometimes with a much less flexible spreadsheet. Although, his brothers used to give him a lot of sorrow and grief for his obsessive list making, the Inn BoonsBoro is just about to be inaugurated on the given schedule. The only thing, which Owen did not actually planned was the Avery MacTavish.

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The famous pizza place pf Avery is just across the street from the Inn BoonsBoro, which gave her a novice look at its amazing redesigning. This was also something significant and a newfound gratefulness for Owen. As he was her first boyfriend right since they were kids, so Owen has never ever been away from the thoughts of Avery. However, the attraction that she is getting for him now is far away from being innocent.

Just as Owen and Avery very carefully take their growing relationship to an altogether newer level, the opening f the hotel gave the whole BoonsBoro town a big reason to celebrate.

Dark Witch and Shadow Spell are other beautiful novels that Nora Roberts has written. They are highly recommended for their content and should be considered by the book lovers in their audio format.


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