The Last Breath

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Kimberly Belle never misses out on any opportunity to surprise or rather, mesmerize her audience. You will find her in completely new role as a writer in every novel, while trying her best to give a unique and never experienced before touch of her writing.

The Last Breath is one such novel from the novelist, which is a true depiction of all her literary abilities and her class as a top tier literary writer. The Last Breath is a contemporary romance novel, where you will be up against an amazing story and some exceptionally awesome characters. Janet Metzger tag teamed with Mary Robinette Kowal to produce a top level audio book experience for the audience.

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Gia Andrews, a humanitarian worker gets after disasters that happens anywhere in the world. This is what she used to do for her living. This is a fine lifestyle for her, which helps her to stay afar from her ground zero. Father of Gia, some 16 years ago was imprisoned for the murder of her stepmother, which was committed extremely brutally.

Now, he has returned home, but only to die of cancer. Gia is the only one responsible for his look after and also to come in terms with his guilt. It was a reluctant decision of Gia to start looking after the most infamous killer of the town.

Dear Wife and Three Days Missing are other classical novels from Kimberly Belle, which deserves every chance to be listened well in their audio format. You will surely have a good time and will not regret your decision in having a long time with these novels, probably on a nice weekend.


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