The Last Continent

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Terry Pratchett tailors another complicated tale about Discworld’s stupidest wizard i.e Rincewind. The wizard is transported to a strange continent which appears to be bone dry because there has been no rain for years. Scrappy a kangaroo whom Rincewind meets in this new world tells him about “The Wet”. The kangaroo further predicts that the wizard is actually the chosen one according to prophesy who will bring back rain to the dry land. Rincewind only wants to escape from all of this and thus he tries to search for a way out. Meanwhile there is a group of magicians in the other world trying to solve an issue of the librarian.

The librarian becomes a book when he gets closer to the library and in his absence the books get out of control. Solution is only possible if the name of the librarian is revealed but he has hidden his name from everyone. Some of the wizards think that Rincewind would have some info about the name as he belongs to the old era of wizards.

But for this they have to go the last continent where Rincewind exists now. Meanwhile Rincewind gets trapped into many issues such as the stealing of sheep. Just like Sourcery and Eric, Rincewind gets out of all the problems in the end and not only this he proves the prophesy to be true and brings the rain to the last continent. Official narrator Nigel Planer was marvelous when she portrayed the character of the kangaroo named Scrappy.

Somehow the kangaroo and the atmosphere were given an Australian touch by the author and narrator perhaps it was not intentional but it still exists.

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