The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey

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Walter Mosley is an author who writes for the people of the modern era and his approach is also attractive and creative. Such authors are becoming rare in the modern world so fans should not allow the creations of such authors to slip away from their hands. Dominic Hoffman has also shown great devotion towards the narration because he too was enjoying the progress of the story.

The main character Ptolemy Grey is presented as a ninety one year old individual who has nothing to do with his life and the people around him. The old man is sinking quite quickly because he seems to lose his memory. The only connection which is keeping Ptolemy attached to the world is his grandnephew.

Then one day the old man gets the news that his grandnephew has been killed in a drive-by shooting. This shatters all his hopes to live and he wasn’t ready to attend the funeral of the young lad either but his niece Robyn takes him anyway. After the funeral, Robyn starts taking interest in Ptolemy and she gives him the energy to rearrange himself. The man stops thinking of living another year in such a state and he decides to take action against those who had killed the innocent boy whom he loved.

Devil in a Blue Dress and Fearless Jones has become famous because of their plot but here the main character and the characterization of other characters around him take over everything else. We don’t want to pay attention to anything else when we are listening to Ptolemy in the novel. Slowly we start liking the man just like his grandnephew and niece.

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