The Last Man

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“The last man” is a thriller that takes us to the war zones of Asia in Afghanistan. Mitch Rapp a CIA agent suddenly gets the information of the murder of four people but the news was not that much important for him because they were just the guards on duty; the person missing because of the death of those four guards was the one who could bring havoc in the world.

Rickman a former agent of the CIA and an old friend of Mitch was the one who led all the dirty missions in Afghanistan that included working with the disrepute people of the Islamic republic as well. Rickman was thus the most important of all as he could leak certain aspects of the missions that could prove a threat for the CIA and also for the rest of the world on a larger scale.

Also Rickman was the person through which the money was transacted to different people and different places during the attack on Afghanistan thus he knows all the links and also all the channels through which money could be transacted anywhere in the world. The kidnap of the man also appears to be fake to Mitch right from the beginning as he personally knows the skills and the nature of Rickman, he is not someone who could be kidnapped easily for ransom or for the trade of any secret that could prove important for the kidnappers.

The story has thrill along with a promise of action in the end which is a trademark of Vince Flynn works. The description of different areas of Asia and the subcontinent is also accurate and it appears that the writer has done a proper research of the landscape of this part of the world.listen to the Seasons of Horror [1-3] re-up fixed – Dan Simmons and Starlight – Richard Wagamese and they will take you to another journey.


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