The Last Mrs. Parrish

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A perfect novel, written by  Liv Constantine, who makes a debut with this mesmerizing story.  The novel is supported by the beautiful narration of the fabulous narrators Suzanne Elise Freeman, Meghan Wolf.

The strong story alongside the most impressive narration voices, this novel creates a lasting impact on people’s minds.The story is all about a woman who knows how to manipulate anything in her life. In addition to that the golden couple who are a happy wealthy couple will also play an important role in this novel.

This Psychological thrilling novel will take you to the other world. You will see how people are different and how their life works for them. It is all about how and why people get the things they need.Amber never wants to be an invisible, ordinary woman. She wants something extra something extraordinary that makes her feel like a special one.

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She does not want to be perished without getting into the limelight of the luck. She wants more and she will do anything or find any way to do so. She wants the life of Daphne who is beautiful and knows that she has a lot with her.

Daphne and her husband are no doubt, a fairy Tale couple. They live a luxurious life and are [philanthropists who work for society alongside their massive business.

Amber makes a plan to steal the luck by having a plan to change her life forever. She plans to be with the Parrishes by incorporating herself into their family as a confederate. She is not planning to eb with them anywhere they go and be closer to Jackson to fulfill her dreams.

But her past continues with her and due to some reason, if she knows her past fully, her plan would never work out.

If you love shocking stories, drama and indulging stories, then this novel is the best one. You will experience the massive turning points just like in The Twisted Ones. So be ready to enjoy what happens in her way to her fantasies.


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