The Last Romantics

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The Last Romantic is a literary fiction novel. The writer of this novel is Tara Conklin, who did a reasonable job with writing. For the audio book performance, narrator Cassandra Campbell gave her voice and that turned out to be a satisfactory performance. 

The story of this novel is set in the spring season of 1981. The main characters of this novel are the Skinner siblings that includes, dreamy Caroline, fierce Renee, wonder boy Jo and finally, the watchful Fiona. They lose their father to a severe heart attack and that incident took their mother into a state of shock and paralyzing depression. All these events actually took them into a sad period, which they would later recall as “The Pause”. They were essentially caught between the highly predictable life that they once had and on top of that, an uncertain future as well, which extends right ahead of them. All the siblings navigated well through all the resentments and dangers in order to come out as fiercely strong, loyal, motivated and deeply connected as well.

Things moved on and a couple of decades later, the Skinner siblings found themselves confronted again with another serious family crisis, which actually firmly tested the strength of family bonds and at the same time, it also pushed them to question the choices of their life, which they have made. Also to ask that what really they would do for love. And, how life overall would be changed for them.

Tara Conklin has written quite a few fictional novels. If we have to name one then that should surely be The Last Romantics.

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