The Last Star

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The voices of Phoebe Strole and Ben Yannette narrate the last part of Rick Yancey’s creation that has become so dear to the fans. Humans striving for their goals and running for their lives is not new but here the characters are in search of humanity which the waves have taken away. The feeling of love, friendship and despair appear at different scenes in The 5th Wave and The Infinite Sea and here it is loaded in double quantity.

The humans have not been fighting “Others” who have invaded the territories because they have been busy fighting each other or the monster within. These are the issue that makes the war more confusing because something that the “Others” really wanted to save them from all this. The waves on the other hand one after the other was taking humanity away from the humans.

Cassie one of those who have survived up till now is one the verge of chaos, she still cannot decide which thing should be her prime focus. Whether like or not she along with her friends must decide that whether she wants to keep humanity or the humans alive. The ending is masterly done, the humans prove to be the biggest enemy of their own race as they turn against one another. All the “Others” had to do was to take humanity from them and the rest was just fun to watch for them.

Wonderful series with an ending that was always on the cards and the audience wanted to enjoy the sensation actually that the author provides. Yancey has not disappointed the fans all around the globe who have been waiting for the finale for a very long time.



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