The Last Threshold

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A. Salvatore winds up the series in a nice fashion, garnished with secrets and lies that makes the bonds weak the story reaches quite a height before going down. Drizzt after the fall in the war and losing his friend in Neverwinter had only one source that was keeping him alive. Now that source is moving away from him and the secrets about her past seem to make a mess of their whole relationship. This is not the Dahlia he once knew who used to come close to him even when he wanted to get rid of her, it was because of her he started paying interest to the dark side. Each moment she now goes close to Artemis and the whole thing appears to a part of her larger plan.

The destruction of relationship not only affects him on the battle field but also mentally. He starts distrusting everyone around him. The enemies grow in power as they now combine against him and the poor guy is left without help or inspiration of any sort. The caverns of Gauntlgrym can result in the final fall of this great hero and one might think that it’s time to unleash the devil that he has in stock for this epic conclusion.

Drizzt starts his journey to the Icewind Dale the place that always suited him in the past and he thinks that it is the only solution left. Even if he dies he wants to die on the land of his own choice.

The narration is once again superb because Victor Bevine possesses the exact pitch and tone for such kind of war fantasies and the narrator also holds the climax with quite expertise.


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