The Last Time I Saw You

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Finding a criminal among the corrupt is sometimes easier than finding a killer among a decent group of high classed people. Liv Constantine gives us a picture of the lavish house of Dr. Kate English who is living a dream life on earth. She has everything including a charming husband and for the people around her, her house is like a utopia in the state which she owns. As for her career, she has never seen so many booms in her life. But all of that is snatched from her in a moment when she sees her mother lying dead in her house.

Someone had killed Lily, not for money but for the sake of revenge. It is all highly emotional because the family does not possess any enmity. In the voice of Julia Whelan, we get the introduction of another character at the funeral i.e Blaire an old friend with whom Kate has not spoken for years. At the funeral, the two meet after a couple of years and soon Kate thinks that she needs Blaire.

Blaire being a detective comes to aid her old friend when Kate tells her about the disturbing call which she received. It happened in The Last Mrs. Parrish and The Wife Stalker too when society quickly chances its color in front of us. The more Blaire investigates the more hideous the society becomes around Kate. All her relatives and friends were not what they appeared to be but the problem is that none of them is the killer. Twists make this story appear like an interesting journey that ends at a steep edge.

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