The Last Trial

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Sandy Stern has been a renowned figure in the series and now he is an old man looking forward to a calm retired life. Sandy the first rank defense lawyer of the Kindle country has achieved great success in his profession throughout and when he thinks that the client is innocent he proves it. He knows all about the court procedures and thus if anyone in Kindle has a legal issue Sandy is the right one for the job. Now a few days to retirement the defense lawyer gets unexpected news that rocks him.

His best friend is in trouble and has been charged by multiple cases at the same time. Dr. Kiril Pafko the one charged with a murder along with other corruption scandals is not an ordinary man himself; after all he was the one who won the Noble Prize few years back. Stern leaves the thought of retirement aside and starts to act professionally again he believes that the doctor is innocent but this time proving it in the court might not be an easy task at all. But there is also one little issue the old doctor is also hiding certain things from his lawyer and revealing them might cost him his friend too.

Scott Turow did awesome in Innocent and Identical and this one is not very different from the rest of those parts. A man questioning his abilities and what he really stands for is always the first thing that the author comes up with and good thing is that he keeps his characters real which means less ideal. John Bedford Lyold possesses the golden voice of an old and experienced man though the narrator is not that aged but the voice surely has the gravity.

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