The Last Wish

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The impressive way the author Andrzej Sapkowski, of The Witcher Saga series, has developed the story and all the deep details and facts used in these novels, is surely mind-blowing. Because of the fact that these novels are all about fictional worlds and circumstances that lead to a magical world, you can clearly imagine how things are going on. The story is written with all the details that are enough to let the listener use his or her imagery power to create a scene like its happening in front of them.

You can enjoy the book as if you are part of it and you will never know how easily you will be able to listen to this 10 hours of the story while going through an interesting journey. This book is all about Geralt who is a witcher and now there are a lot of things for him to learn about what is happening around, how the evil is going tot ake of the world, and which are the most crucial things to focus on and stop the evil from engulfing the innocent lives.

Similar to the other books in the series including Blood of Elves and the other one the Sword of Destiny, you can see that this novel also takes you to another adventure that confronts the witchers so that the prophecy is not fulfilled.

But the witchers are determined to turn the table and get the prophecy completed by saving Ciri and completing thi9ngs in the right way.

The beautiful worlds look somewhat similar to the real world but the author has incorporated the magical events and fantasy in a very smooth way so that you can identify but still enjoy the magical fantasy.

Geralt has magical powers and has been trained extensively for helping the good. But now he starts seeing what is actually happening around and he will soon figure out how to manage to deal with unusual matters.

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The Witcher Saga:

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    Lady of the Lake

    Sword of Destiny


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