The Lies of Spies

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Kyle Achilles is back in business and a story that will make your mind confused and disturbed for a while. It is all so confusing that the listener will remain guessing that which side is the right side or the winning side. The Americans and the Russians are in war since the beginning of time and now when they cannot fight in the battlefield anymore both of them use spies to keep a check on one another.

The Bin Laden issue went big for both of these arch rivals and they did many things to get rid of the man that was a threat for both of them. Now they want to launch something big and for that purpose the spies are called, the best for the job answer the call but with one problem. The identities of the spies have been compromised and they can be caught at once if found in the enemy territory. Still Kyle the former agent of the CIA and the best the agency ever had answer the call of the president for the suicidal mission.

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If he is caught his government and country will not accept him anymore and the man who has performed awesome in Pushing Brilliance and Chasing Ivan knows fully what is at stake. Two nations collide in the form of two men in Tim Tigner’s new adventure presented in the voice of Dick Hill the all time favorite. The compounds, the terrorist gangs and the implanted spies everything is just perfect in the novel and has surely increased the number of fans. No part can be skipped because information is hidden here and there in every scene which finalizes the story. Member Benefit

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