The Lions of Al-Rassan

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Guy Gavriel Kay likes writing about different cultures and eras and that is the strength of the author. Guy first collects notes about different cultures that he chooses to write about and after this, he starts writing about it. Under Heaven and River of Stars were about Chinese warlords and the ways the Chinese emperors used to rule the land.

The current book narrated by Euan Morton is about Spain in the medieval ages. Al- Rassan ruled by Asharites faces different troubles because of its rulers who are losing certain qualities over time. Empire that was once great has now been divided into small fragments. Different kings now rule these so-called kingdoms and the people living in these kingdoms are in serious trouble.

Among these kings in Almalik who has high aims and with the help of his trusted friend Ammar he is on the rise. But one single incident changes everything for these two and Ammar finally leaves the king forever. Another warrior named Rodrigo too faces isolation in the south. Both warriors meet each other in the desert and unite under the shadow of the same master.

Together the two become the part of a war they never expected to take place in Al-Rassan. Jehane’s only lady in the show is also an appealing character not only for the two warriors but also for the audience. She was hired as the court physician but she proves her worth in many more things during wartime. The book is quite interesting for those who have some information about Spain and its historic past. For beginners at some places, it is tough to understand most of the cultural things.

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