The Litigators

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Oscar Finley and Wally Figg the two characters that appear on the scene at the start of the novel are pretenders to be precise as they have not achieved anything in their lives. Their business has never clicked to a level where they can call themselves well settled.

They call their law firm a prosperous one but this is only a word as they usually deal with divorces.  It has been more than twenty years but they have earned nothing in the field. Change comes to their door one day all of a sudden when David Zinc come to them out of nowhere. David has left is emerging career because of the reasons of his own and no wants a job luckily the Finley and Figg firm have a job for him.

As a new assistant is hired the company starts getting a lot bigger cases and the rank also gets a big higher than ever before. The new assistant not only makes money for himself but he starts filling the pockets of the owners without giving them a headache of practicing law in the court. Suddenly a new case emerges on the scene related to a pharmaceutical company and all F&F has to do is collect the people who were badly affected by the medicine. John Grisham always comes with complete trial scenes that really make you feel as if you are standing in front of the judge in the court.

This novel like Witness to a Trial and The Whistler is loaded with such scenarios that make it a true master piece. Dennis Boutsikaris narrates in the simple and natural way of his and the narration suits the whole scene and rise and fall in the story.






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