The Log from the Sea of Cortez

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The subject novel is a classic that all literature lovers should treasure for the incredible glimpses that we’re right into the fascinating world of Mexico along the sea. It was a time before the Mexico War.

The credit for this of course goes to John Steinbeck who presented it in the form of a memoir or a biography. He has been one of the greatest novelists and short story writers from America who was presented with a Noble Prize as well for Literature in 1962. He also won several other awards in his career, including the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. Of Mice and Men and East of Eden are rated as his best novels by the critics and his fans and followers.

The books have some detailed biology stuff, which could have been boring for some people in the print copy of this book. However, the awesome performance of Joe Barrett makes it sound so wonderful. You wouldn’t feel like stopping or going for a break until this audiobook with the amazing performance of Joe Barrett gets finished.

The Log from the Sea of Cortez tells a very interesting account of the day by day adventures of John Steinbeck to the Gulf of California. He was accompanied on this trip by Ed Ricketts, who is a biologist. The book as a whole is a very exciting and wonderful combination of philosophy, science (biology), and top-class adventure.

The detailed account of the aquatic life might be a little exaggerated and also about biology. But, overall, it is a great read and listens to. You will have your time worth it after completing this book in its audio form.

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