The Lonely Silver Rain

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The Lonely Silver rain is the ultimate installment in the Travis McGee novel series. The thing that the author John D. Macdonald started and the way he introduced and gradually developed the character of Travis McGee comes to a great ending. The Lovely Silver Skin makes a great read, even better, a great listen in its audiobook version. The author has penned some really inspiring crime fiction mystery thrillers. A couple of those are Nightmare in Pink and The Deep Blue Good-By novels. Both of these novels are parts of the Travis McGee saga and are highly recommended.

Robert Petkoff is the narrator in all the 21 volumes of this series. In The Lonely Silver Rain, his performance is as awesome as in any other novel of the series.

Searching for a yacht of a wealth friend, McGee puts himself under the spot of the international cocaine trade. He realized that he is the ultimate target of some of the most dangerous people that he has ever met in his life. Travis McGee also finds out that all the astonishing surprises are actually kept by someone mysteriously at his door. Suspense grows on and on and the story takes a very drastic turn and things gets even tougher for Travis McGee to handle.

He is arguably the greatest suspense writers of his time and offered great entertainment to people all around. These 20 or 21 books means 20 years of John D. MacDonald’s magic. The Lonely Silver Rain has an outstanding plot and immensely rich characterization. In short, it is highly recommended for John D. MacDonald’s fans and all the crime mystery thriller book lovers.

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