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The Long Winter Audiobook: Little House, Book 6

  • The Long Winter

    As the author, Laura Ingalls has the history of creating the best ever family filled emotional series named the Little House series, this sixth book in the series also describes the best events that kept the family of Laura together to fight back for their life with love.

    The story has been narrated and given life with the voice of Cherry Jones who has described and narrated each and every part of the story in a beautiful manner. Now in this story, she shares how the family including her parents, Mary, Carrie, and Grace went through the tough season of winters when living in their Dakota Territory house in the years 1880 and 81.

    The Long Winter

    The adventure consists of the time when Blizzards caused the town to cut off from the surroundings and they were left with no food at all. During that time the Almanzo made a trip to find wheat and traveled across the prairie.

    After finding the escape from the whole situation all people celebrated Christmas in an unusual but joyful way to cherish their family love and staying connected in hardship and difficult times.

    Apparently, in all these little house books and so is in this 6th book, the essence of these stories is to tell people who keeping everyone together makes everyone able to fight back and stay happy with no issues, no matter how hard you have to work and how much you have to work for your life, you will be happy until the time you are with each other.

    The same message is portrayed in all books including the famous Little House in the Big Woods, Little House on the Prairie and By the Shores of Silver Lake.

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