The Lost Artifact

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Star watch has emerged on the scene as a savior for mankind on the toughest of occasions; the risk that the crew takes along with their captain is something human race should be proud off. No one can deny the jobs that they have pulled but then there are other issues as well. There are issues that tell us about the cost that the human race had to pay after every such adventure. The team was never the cause of all that but still many doubt the performance of the Star Watch.

The last and biggest adventure that the crew pulled off was a great success but at the same time the loss of life and other things was far greater than anyone ever expected. The whole star system now looks to be in a really bad state chaos surrounds everything and dead bodies scatter in space and on the land as well.

Now everyone realizes that the unity is the only way they can survive, the war was just a trailer and more enemies are yet to come. O’Hara left with no other option again calls Maddox for the help and though she has fear in her heart that she might lose the man she once loved and wanted to be with him.

But know the war and the constant alien invasion has shattered their dreams and they have bigger objectives in mind. Vaughn Heppner has made human race look more pessimist in the current novel and those who were really energetic in The Lost Earth are with a dull look. We can get this message from the voice of Mark Boyett who through his narration also gives the same sort of gesture.

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