The Lost Book of the White

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Magnus and Alec are again on a mission, for many years they want a quiet time in life with some fun of course. Ironically they are provided with action, adventure, and a restless tour to many places all around the globe. Finally, after many years they get the desired time to settle in life and are blessed with a son too. With all eyes set on their son, the two give full attention to their son who soon starts walking with them. Never in their lives, the two expected to get such a pleasurable time but then the Book of the White is stolen from Magnus. Book holds key to many powers so it must be retrieved at every cost even if the two have to leave their son Max behind.

As they travel to Shanghai situation becomes clearer to them and they appear to have an idea of who the thieves are and what they want from the book. Meanwhile, an attack on Magnus slows them down in their search but they are lucky to get the aid of the new emerging Shadowhunter. Still, the help of these new guys is not ample because the realm of death has been accessed by the enemy.

Authors of City of Bones and City of Ashes i.e Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu put more stress on dialogues this time. Scenes are given some time but the dialogues which show the worry of the two main characters are just awesome. Also, the two are worried about Max too whom they have left in safe hands but there is a threat that the enemy might try to reach him.

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