The Lost Colony

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Vaughn Heppner is an extremely accomplished writer. He is arguably the undisputed king of the indie fraternity of authors. He had as many as 76 publications on the Goodreads platform and also got huge success through other mediums and platforms. The Lost Swarm and The Lost Supernova are two of the worth mentioning novels of the author.

The Lost Colony is a contemporary science fiction fantasy novel. The book is volume 4 of the amazing The Lost Starship novel series. The voice of Mark Boyett just like the prequel of this novel managed to create some great magic once again. The audience were all thoroughly impressed by his voice and the expression added to his narration.

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Some really perfect replicas of android are impersonating some of the extremely high level officials. This caused the trust to fail miserably. Even worse than that, the New Men have now found some novice allies for themselves. They had a highly impressive stealth technology with them. This time around, the planet Earth however is looking to go offensive. The Admiral Fletcher is pointed towards the “C” Quadrant with a top notch fleet. He has the task cutout to invade and capture the planets and also go on to find the homeworld of the enemy. The one thing that he should ensure not doing is to die actually.

The only person capable of surviving mankind here has been completely grounded. Captain Maddox this time is under the suspicion as he is now a half New Man at least.

Maddox along with his men must look to win here at any cost. If they fail then the humanity will get drowned in a sea of mankind’s extinction. Member Benefit

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