The Lost Continent

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Tui T Sutherland did a fantastic work in presenting this volume and these books are the most prestigious volumes of Tui T Sutherland are these The Flames of Hope and The Lost Heir and these are highly suggestive books for readers.

The New York Times top-of-the-line series goes on with an amazingly exhilarating disclosure and with shiny new clans of mythical serpents. For a long time there have been gossipy tidbits about one more mainland on the winged serpents’ planet, one more land far across the sea, populated by clans of mythical beasts altogether different from those we know. However, there will never be any proof and most winged serpents excused the reports as fantasies since it turned out the tales are valid.

These volumes go in a different direction for the series. It takes all the generosity and appeal of the first two series as well as the experience and adds a weighty portion of legislative issues and interest into the story. It takes a very goof any age series and improves it. These books take the point of view of each winged serpent in turn and showed regular struggles lack of certainty, pomposity, bossing, internal calm, and numerous different characteristics and indecencies one can have. Each character is depicted with great and lesser wanted characteristics as they battle through the job that is theirs in every series.

The Lost Continent is one more incredible expansion to ‘The Wings of Fire series. This is an extraordinary spot to begin as this book can remain solitary from the rest with barely enough origin story that one has a feeling of the characters referenced from past books. The principal character is Blue, who loves to keep guidelines without addressing them and he generally sees the positive qualities in the people who are exploiting him. This book is his excursion in finding what controls truly matter are all-inclusive and how to weigh two similarly great principles when you need to pick following one and breaking another.

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