The Lost Plot

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The Lost Plot is a science fiction fantasy novel. The novel is chapter 4 of The Invisible Library novel series, which is written by Genevieve Cogman. The author deserves appreciation for her brilliant efforts in producing this series for a younger audience. The Invisible Library and The Secret Chapter are very promising novels written by the author and deserves to have listened in their respective audio formats for nonstop literary entertainment.

Susan Duerden gets another opportunity to give her vocal performance in this novel. The performance compared with the prior chapters of the series is quite better. But, she still has a long way to go.

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It was 1920 in New York when prohibition everywhere is in force. You will see Tommy guns, flapper dresses, and fedoras in fashion. Irene and her assistant Librarian Kai discovered themselves caught right in the center of a political contest of dragon. It looked as if the young Librarian has become part of this conflict. If they are unable to extricate then there could be some serious consequences for the mysterious library.

Irene along with Kai finds herself locked in a weird race against time to procure a rare book. They have to face a lot of blackmailing, gangsters, and the Internal Affairs Department of the Library. If this all doesn’t end well then it may have some serious repercussions on the job of Irene. And, it could be the case with her own life as well. Therefore, the stakes for Irene are quite high in this chapter.

The plot of this novel is quite solid and you will be in awe of the writer and her creativity. Susan was also quite good with her performance and impressed the audience in every possible way. Member Benefit

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