The Lost World

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Jurassic park has kept on impressing the people all over the world especially the children. And though it has been a long time since its first edition it still has its worth on the book selves.

The story starts from where the original Jurassic park ended when the park was destroyed. It’s the beginning of a new era after six years of ignorance the world of science and the people who believed in the world of dinosaurs come together for another experiment. All the dinosaurs were killed, that was the news many years ago but now we come to know that a few survived.

And they prove to be a ray of hope for their species that can once again run on the land that was designed for them.  The rumors suddenly become true which emerged at the end of Jurassic Park. This time the writer has given a new dimension to the Jurassic world.

The dinosaurs are hungrier than before because they are not tamed and they no experience of the cages anymore. These dinosaurs have bred in the open like the original prehistoric creatures that they used to be in the era of their ancestors.

The flying creatures attacking the cities are a new thing especially when they take away people with them as a dinner item for their kids. The horror ha surely increased in magnitude and the novel presents a question in front of us as well that, do such creatures have the right to live?. Scott Brick was like always right on target in the narration, understanding the scenes and the sensation clearly before depicting it.




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