The Lottery, and Other Stories

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Not many authors around the world have the talent to write in multiple dimensions with full skill. Those who have tried such techniques have not been able to achieve the same fame in all of the branches of literature. Shirley Jackson is one of the rare ones as she has become successful in every aspect in which she has set her foot.

Whether it is the category of novels or short stories the author has proved her the best. The Haunting of Hill House and The Witchcraft of Salem Village have set landmarks in the novel section and “The Lottery” made its name among these in full strength. The Lottery was an instant hit from the beginning and this book along with that splendid story provides an amalgam of twenty-four other of the author’s masterpieces.

All of the stories are not based on the same pattern rather they are like doors to new distant worlds different from one another. Some of the stories are the typical haunting stuff which the fans love so much by the author and then for a change, there are comic stories too which can make you laugh in the saddest mode.

Jackson has not written a lot about strong love and romance feelings all her life because she was interested in fictional work more. Herein all the twenty-four stories there is a very small amount of love spice in the stories. Cassandra Campbell, Kathe Mazur, Gabrielle de Cuir, and Stefan Rudnicki narrate stories individually and then there are a few joint ventures as well. If one wants to describe this book in one word then it is “Pure Fun” for all ages.

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