The Luna Missile Crisis

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 The Luna Missile Crisis is a book written by Rhett C. Bruno and co-authored by Jaime Castle. It is a science fiction fantasy with quite an intriguing storyline and cast of characters that are powerfully created. The narration of this chapter is done by Ray Porter who is a renowned performer in audiobooks and gave a wonderful performance in this chapter as well.

Apart from science fiction fantasies, Rhett C. Bruno is known for writing some amazing mystery thriller novels as well. If you want to know about more novels from the author to listen in audio format then Titanborn and Titan’s Son are quite promising to mention here.

The story is set in the year 1961 when the cold war is in full swing. This was also the time when the space race was on. Russia was looking to send the first human to space. But what if the space itself comes to the mankind. The epic flight of Yuri Gagarin into the space was given a setback when an alien Mothership was seen jumping into the orbit. It resulted in a cosmic crash which defied all odds.

Everything changed right after that. Russia and USA must put aside all he differences and misunderstandings between them. In exchange for the help in rebuilding the Mothership, Vulbathi, the mysterious alien offered technology support that was well beyond the wildest dreams of mankind.

The Luna Missile Crisis is a fast and extremely fun read. You will get absolutely stuck with the plot and couldn’t wait to experience that what will happen next. This one is definitely one of the finest novels written by Rhett C. Bruno.

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