The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove

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Christopher Moore’s debut novel and the first part of the series Practical Demonkeeping was awesome in fun and the story was tremendously good. Now the Pine Cove comes to this second episode which is fine as well with a new catastrophe at hand.

Everyone knows that things at Pine Cove are not normal and for this the psychiatrist plays different tricks to keep the public engaged. Here the method of tackling the people is changing and the people are getting a boast to go to the bar especially the blues bar in the town. Guitar notes that are being played there are just superb and that takes us to the real part of the story.

Though the switch of technique was good and proved effective on the masses but it also brought out a demon from the sea which stands as a symbol of destruction for everyone. Steve happens to be more than just a monster and his presence at the bar is like a deaths sentence to the rest. Nightmare thus hits the Pine Cove’s population in big way and the crimes get an extreme rise, the only constable of the town to has a hunger of his own to pacify before signing up for the case.

Not kid’s stuff at all that Oliver Wyman narrates, the book has adult material or we can say that it is loaded with such scenes after the appearance of the monster named Steve. Even the constable is not far behind in his sex habits that have been tough for him to tame over the last few years. Things are becoming little corrosive in the series and the third one might also be a non advisable category for the kids.




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