The Mad Ship

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Robin Hobb is an American writer of fantasy fiction novels. She is well known for her Realm of the Elderlings novel series which comprises of five different series set under it. She started writing this in 1995 with the first novel named Assassin’s Apprentice and ended up in in 2017 with Apprentice’s Fate. This was a fascinating journey where the author made many fans who stood with her for a long time. The Mad Ship is also a part of this journey. It is the 2nd chapter of Liveship Traders and 5th one of Realms of the Elderlings.

Anne Flosnik narrated The Mad Ship chapter of the series. It was a below-average performance as she was seen hanging out to some words towards the end of the sentence, which was quite a distraction.

You will find Althea Vestrit in this novel with a new home at the liveship Ophelia, but only to live for reclaiming Vivacia as her due inheritance. Vivacia gets in the hands of the pirate King Kennit and is seeing a bloodlust. Bingtown soon gets into a ferocious political turmoil against the Jamaillian leader with a bad reputation.

The Vestrit family’s fading fortune gets Malt much deeper in the magical secrets of the enigmatic Rain Wild Traders. Beyond Bingtown, Amber, the mysterious woodcarver is wishing to re-launch The Mad Ship, Paragon. This was the wish despite having a history of despair and death surrounding him. However, many secrets will be revealed soon.

Robin Hobb has truly earned the reputation of a great storyteller. The Mad Ship novel is a good attempt in her successful saga. The narration of this chapter had some flaws.


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