The Malice

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The Vagrant was an emerging sign of hope for all the survivors on the planet who have witnessed the invasion of an alien attack. The foreign invaders left nothing which the natives could call home anymore but still, they had hope in the form of a weapon, that Vagrant possessed. With that ultimate weapon, the remaining humans of the Shining City could face the enemy on an equal level. This is the scenario that was observed in The Vagrant, here the story changes a little with the emergence of a new figure.

The sword known as the Malice was the ultimate weapon that saved the whole race in the past when it was held high by the Vagrant. Now the sword cries once more to be used in the war against the new rising enemy. But the Vagrant has changed his mind about taking part in a war for one more turn.

It is not that he is tired of war. But the problem is that, he has a family of his own now and leaving it behind seems to be a stupid act to him. No matter how much the sword signaled the upcoming danger and threats, the Vagrant didn’t pay attention to a new hero is chosen automatically.

This time it is a female named Vesper who holds the sword high against the enemy.Peter Newman does not take time to shift the story towards a new hero and the shifting is so complete that we don’t get time to think about the past happenings.

Jot Davies gets into trouble at some places during narration because the main character shifts in gender too.

Changing tone during the continuation of a story is always tough to handle. Eyes are set on The Seven now for the conclusion of the story which is changing moods at every step. Whatever happens, the ending would surely be huge in all regards whether it is the war or the secret behind the invasion.

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    The Vagrant

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