The Man Behind The Glass Audiobook

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The Man Behind The Glass

The Man Behind The Glass Victorian in nature the story has some gothic touch as well which makes it much more interesting for the readers and listeners who possess some interest in the historical information. The story describes certain aspects related to photography as well. The hero or the one who is in search to solve the mystery is a master photographer who takes the art to an entirely new level. For Septimus Blackwood, his art alone can save him from the deadly fangs of death and can also provide him a lead to solve the unsolved riddle connected to his family. A secret which he must uncover in order to discover the truth that lies behind all this.

He moves in the streets of London in search of the hidden truths. He meets mysterious characters on the way as well which makes the story more appealing to the listener as the story provides a new flavor with each new entry. The story has some magical revelations as well which is not the basic ingredient of the Victorian stories thus it is more gothic in nature.
Grey Howes wonderfully describes the magical world of his imaginations in quite a well-knit way which is nicely narrated by Adam Stubbs, as the story no doubt needed someone who could convey the feeling of the terror of death that is always chasing Septimus throughout the story. The dark and the gloomy atmosphere is also something which is given a lot of attention to raising the intensity of the whole drama and the presentation of the dark magical world in which Septimus entraps him willingly because he wants answers that are somehow associated to the dark world.
More interesting books like these that could excite your imagination a lot in a way that is mesmerizing, somewhat scary or sometimes fictitious may include The Heart of Stone, Shards and Screaming in Silence.


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