The Masked City

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Genevieve Cogman is a British novelist of science-fictional novels and also of the different role-playing games. She has achieved quite a lot at her relatively younger age for writers. The science-fiction fantasy lovers have enjoyed quite a range of her novels where the most prominent ones are: The Invisible Library and The Secret Chapter. The Masked City is also a science fiction fantasy and it is chapter 2 of The Invisible Library novel series.

After a disastrous performance by Susan Duerden in the opening chapter of the series, she is back again with her voice in The Masked City novel. Her performance was a lot better than the previous one but still, it was not good enough.

The followers of The Invisible Library series must be familiar by now with the character of Irene. She is a Librarian spy and currently working undercover for an alternative London. During this time, kai, her assistant goes missing. She soon finds out that Kai has been abducted by the fae faction. The repercussions for this act could be fatal and Irene knew it quite well. This threat was true not only for Kai but for the entire world. The dragon heritage of Kai in other words means that he has very powerful allies but there are also some powerful enemies, such as fae. With such aggression, the fae was fully determined to initiate a war among their people. The prime mission of Irene is to save and protect Kai, and avert Armageddon would lead her to a very dark Venice as an alternate. It is a place having Carnival all the time.

The Masked City has quite a predictable plot and there were no surprises for the listeners whatsoever. However, the book was relatively easy and a good time pass. Good narration could have made this book a bit more enjoyable.

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