The Master Magician

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 The Master Magician is a science fiction fantasy novel with great twists and turns. It is ideally suitable for teens, but other adults may also enjoy to the fullest of their literary writing satisfaction. The novel is expertly written by Charlie N. Holmberg, which the audience will definitely find enjoyable. The book is part 3 of a new series by the author with title, The Paper Magician. The narration of this novel is done by Amy Mcfadden, which is definitely a marvelous performance.

Ceony Twill all through her chilling has kept a big secret. The secret was something that she has kept even from her teacher, Emery Thane. She has got to know that how to do varying forms of magic, which are different from her own. This was a very special ability, which was long thought to be absolutely impossible.

While everything looked ok for Ceony twill in order to finish her apprenticeship and to pass her forthcoming exams for magician. However, by this time, the life of Ceony became immensely complicated. In order to avoid any form of favoritism, Emery than deploys Ceony to another mentor for testing. He was not that good with Emery and didn’t cared much either for his apprentice. In order to make things worse, a dangerous criminal from the past life of Ceony managed to escape imprisonment. Now she has another task in her hand to find the power hungry criminal all across England, before he could go by taking his revenge.

The author Charlie N. Holmberg has written many interesting novels. The best one or a couple from the author are The Will and the Wilds and The Paper Magician.

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