The Maze

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Scott Brick is again heard in this part of the series, he has been with the series since the first part and the listeners have appreciated his performance a great deal. No one can forget the performance of the narrator in Plum Island: Booktrack Edition and The Lion’s Game. This is the third part of the series in which we observe how the homicide cop named John Corey goes after the deadly criminals who are posing a threat to the innocent in the world. He has captured terrorists like the Lion and saved the people of the world from huge destruction.

Thus there is no doubt that Corey is the perfect man for the job when the need arises anywhere in the world. Nelson DeMille has painted Corey as a strong figure who does not possess any kind of weakness. We have not seen Corey going sentimental at different spots rather he keeps himself determined to the achievement of the goal.

First of all the audience saw Corey solving the case linked to Plum Island and he is back at his uncle’s house once again and he happens to be close to retirement. In this mature age, Corey is still looking for some action and when Beth comes to him with an old case he thinks that this is the time to catch the killer who has killed almost a dozen prostitutes.

The killer has never been caught and the reason behind the killing of the prostitutes is not known at all. This is a tricky story that moves back and forth a couple of times. The killer is hiding in plain sight and the two detectives must get to him before he kills them too.

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