The Memory Watcher

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People are always visible on social media these days and it is through our appearance on the internet that we are recognized by the general public. If we post a happy picture with our family on the internet then it means that we are having a very good time and we are well connected with our family. On most occasions, it is actually not the case at all as the pictures tend to be a deceptive appearance that we want to keep in society.

Autumn Carpenter also faces the same kind of circumstances here. Her daughter was adopted by a rich family many years ago and she has a habit of watching the family through its social media account. Through that account, Autumn has been able to watch every birthday of her daughter and every day that was celebrated by the family. It was like keeping an eye on her lovely daughter in an indirect manner.

Then the account was shut down permanently without any reason and Autumn Carpenter gets really disturbed about the thing. She was actually addicted to the thing as seeing her daughter on daily basis was like a habit for her. Instead of quieting the thing, Autumn went to the house of that family as a nanny and there she realized that the account was providing fake pictures of the family.

Minka Kent brings big changes in the stories all the time and here the twist is the biggest of all. Sally Vahle and Morgan Laure have narrated how everything appears like a surprise for the main character. Autumn sees how the family was actually hiding big secrets through a deceptive appearance. Unmissing and The Stillwater Girls had secrets but here the secrets are much bigger in magnitude.

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