The Mercy of Snakes

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The Mercy of Snakes is a short story written by Dean Koontz. It is the 5th book of Nameless series by the author, which got bigger and better with every instalment of novel in the saga. The narration of this fictional novel like all prior chapters of the series is given by Edoardo Ballerini.

The story starts with a serious of mysterious killing in a retirement home, which were big enough to draw the attention of Nameless. The situation building up had Nameless got into the sureness of an extremely frightened former resident of the retirement house. Things went from there into an immensely dark heart of a surprising conspiracy.

The Oakshore Park is the most assisted living and a high-class part of Michigan. The place is also the go to facility for the sake of assisted dying. They use to make all the impatient heirs extremely happy.

Nameless is bound to setup a scheme just as smart as the situation is. But, on the other end, the moral vengeance stirs unrest in the retaliator as the light goes on to gleam right on the block hole of his former life. Does the situation now demand to welcome it or not? Or just keep running? Things were really getting mysterious and clueless and there was no way out or how to resolve this entire thing. Will Nameless be able to succeed once again?

Memories of Tomorrow and The Praying Mantis Bride are other short stories based on fiction that author Dean Koontz has written. These stories are chapters out of the Nameless series, which is full of exciting stories that are fast paced and short.



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