The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side

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Tired and bored people can spend time with “A Miss Marple Mystery” and their worries will disappear within no time. These stories will make them so engaged that they will completely forget everything else that has been bothering them in their life. 4:50 from Paddington is the most amazing one of all the parts because the sight of the murder had no clues and there was no dead body even which could prove that the murder originally took place.

Still, Marple took the case and proved that the witness was telling the truth. Agatha Christie has created a stubborn heroine in this series in the form of Marple because she never loses hope and confidence in herself.

They Do It with Mirrors was the first part that involved the word “mirror” in it and it too was narrated by Emilia Fox. This one is also full of deception by the criminals and is once again given to Emilia Fox for narration. Heather Babcock gets killed through poisoning and this brings the entire police department to the scene.

The police conclude that the poison was actually for the beautiful actress named Marina Gregg and Heather accidentally took it. So the chance is still there that the criminal will try to kill the beautiful actress once again.

Thus the actress can be taken as bait but Marple thinks that the police are missing a lot of things and the detectives should not try to think in one direction only. Usually, the assumption work but here the case looks quite complex and there is a chance that the police have selected the wrong direction from the beginning of the case.

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