The Monogram Murders

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The spice of thriller never ends in Agatha Christie’s tales; right from the beginning in 1920 the series of Hercule Poirot has never lost its impact. We can observe the colors of Sophie Hannah as well who has mixed herself up quite nicely with the thing that has been filling the bookshelves of the minds for ages now. Sophie never tried to do too much in the part she just goes with the flow observing the tides and of course not going against them. Hercule is not called on a murder issue in this novel as the one who is about to be murdered comes to him and astonishingly does not ask for help.

Hercule was in a coffeehouse when a woman meets him and says that she is soon going to be murdered and the only thing she wants from Hercule is not looking deep into her case. She does not want the killer to be punished as well. Days later Hercule hears about three murders in a hotel room and looks for clues; his sixth sense however keeps on telling him that it is something connected to that woman.

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As the master detective investigates there is a suspicion of another murder as well that could rock the city. Julian Rhind-Tutt narrates this story better than ever if we compare it with the parts like After the Funeral and And Then There Were None because the sound possesses a thrilling and chilling nature which is a must have item for stories of such a category.

The narrator also has remained successful in producing an awe feeling also that affects deeply the mind of the listener.


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