The Mothers

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Brit Bennett does not discuss the black culture for the first time, The Vanishing Half was loaded with it and then the result of our choices again emerges in this one. In the previous novel the author told the story of two black twins who chose to elope and the result came differently for the two. Now here a teenage girl in need of a support after the death of her mother establishes a sinister bond with a white boy.

Nadia Turner was quite upset when her mother committed suicide and thus in that mental state she established a physical relation with Luke. Though it was just for once in that summer that they spend together but that single moment of love or the outburst of feelings left her pregnant. Nadia made her life a complete disaster because hiding such a thing was the toughest thing in life for her.

Aubrey the next closest friend that Nadia had was really attached to religion and thus such a sin could destroy the friendship. The time passes by and the three finally reach a stage in life when they can call themselves responsible adults. Here the three start thinking that what they have done with their lives, they could have saved their future when it was in their own hands.

Rather they spoiled it and now they are left with no one to blame except their own self. Adenrele Ojo narrates in low pitch but not all the way some time the narrator goes high in pitch to depict the sentiments hidden in the characters and then comes back to the normal style when the scene changes.

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