The Murder List: Detective Zac Boateng, Book 1 Audiobook

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Chris Merritt has created a thriller from a murder mystery. The story moves both subjectively and objectively at the same time. Zac a successful detective has an irony attached to his life as he failed to solve the case of his murdered daughter a few years ago. He is the one who is again given the case of this brutal murder of a man who helped the police in the arresting of a dangerous criminal who was allotted freedom a few days before the murder. Thus the case in appearance looks simple and Darian Wallace who came out of prison recently was considered to be the criminal as he was the one who wanted to take revenge on the one who was murdered. The simple murder mystery becomes a thrilling story when Zac realizes that the story is somehow connected to his own daughter’s murder as well.

A complex mental drama starts when Zac is unable to decide whether he should catch the murderer of his daughter who was his heart and soul or he should solve the current case of a murder in the shop by just arresting Darian Wallace. All of the skills that Zac has related to the scientific insight of the mind and other such stuff seem to fail for a moment as he gets too much involved in his personal affair which forces him to leave his job aside and get his own personal revenge first of all which is his primary motive of life after the death of his daughter. Damian Lynch’s has done his job brilliantly as the narrator of the tale which depicts emotion and a high drama as well.
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