The Murmur of Bees

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The Murmur of Bees is a fictional book based on historical events. Sofia Segovia has written the book in a very interesting manner, which will surely inspire her followers. The narration of this book is jointly done by Xe Sands and Angelo Di Loreto.

This is the first novel of the Mexican writer, Sofia Segovia to be translated into English and was love by many of her followers. The story is about a mysterious kid, who has the powers to alter the history of a family in a country, which is right on the edge of revolution.

The entire life of a very small town in Mexico changed forever, when the Nana Reja found an abandoned baby right underneath a bridge. The baby was covered with bees. A lot of superstitious things were attached to it, but, Beatriz Morales and Francisco, the landowners were quite welcoming for the baby.

The adopted him and looked after as if he was their own kid. The kid, Simonopio started to become a cause of wonder for the parents who adopted him. I was because Simonopio was able to see things with close eyes, which no one else could see. The vision of all that sight was both dangerous and beautiful at the same time.

The story is set in the upsetting influenza of 1918 and the backdrop of the Mexican Revolution. The novel captures both the destiny of the family and the fate of Mexico in flux.

A couple of other books by Sofia Segovia, which you will find interesting as well are Peregrinos [Pilgrims] and El murmullo de las abejas [The Hum of Bees]. Both are fictional books with nice engaging content for the audio book enthusiasts to enjoy.





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