The Naked God

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Trilogy comes to this final chapter that decides the fate of two races that have been fighting for a long time now. Peter F. Hamilton has kept the series in a sequence but the author also has added new characters and things in each part. In the second part The Neutronium Alchemist along with the war, men from both sides were also searching for the ultimate weapon. That weapon possessed the power to change everything. When this third part starts, the enemy is the same that the audience witnessed in The Reality Dysfunction but the story leaves its link with the ultimate weapon.

Here in the massive destruction the human race is trying to find another race known as the Sleeping God that no one has seen for the last six hundred years. That race possesses the power to outclass the possessed in an open battle. If that race shows its readiness to help mankind, only then they would have a bright chance in the war.

Meanwhile the humans are losing the war really fast one colony after another and still they haven’t been able to locate the alien race with more than the “possessed”. Narration has no change in it, John Lee started the series and he gets the chance to end it. Whether it was the voice of a male character or female one John Lees dealt with it in an extremely professional way.

There was no such word in any of the three parts that needed a second glance for understanding. Though there was not a lot of change in the voice for the aliens but still no one can criticize the quality of narration.




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    The Neutronium Alchemist



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