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Neil Gaiman provided the audience with a lot of material to cheer for during his whole career. It surely is hard to select which one of the author’s creations is the best because each story creates a special place in the mind of the listeners. Fictional books such as Norse Mythology and The Sandman brought more fame to Neil within years. This book collects almost all of those masterpieces which the author has created over the years. Proper fan-made material comes to us in the form of this book which is all in one kind.

Five famous novels by Neil are discussed in this book along with more than four dozen of the short stories which the man produced in his lifetime. George Guidall, Lenny Henry, and Leon Nixon have given voice to the stories of this book. Some stories are present in the original voice of Neil Gaiman.

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For those who want to get some idea of Neil’s work before going through all of it in detail, this book is a fine helping material. From the extracts present in this book a person can get the idea of the writer’s might brain. All of the novels are pure adult material which means no kindergarten stuff is present in them. A few of the short stories have some thoughts shared for the kids but those are few and far between the rest is for the adults of the house. There is a group that still thinks that Neil tried to add horror in the tales but after listening to all these that thought will stop bothering everyone. Member Benefit

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