The Neon Lawyer

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Victor Methos has started a series of courtroom dramas with the designing of his new character Brigham Theodore a lawyer who does not have a good start at all when he loses the first case that was assigned to him. The drama really clicks when he is given another case of significant importance instead of expelling him from the duty. The complex case again has clear chances of Brigham’s failure as the case is related to murder and almost all the aspects are going against him and his client Amanda Pierce who has killed a man because he killed six-year-old daughter after torturing her severely in an inhuman manner.

Brigham has all the hurdles present in front of his success which gives seriousness to the story the prosecutor Vince Dale who is against him in the case has hundred percent success rate and also there are five witnesses against his client who herself is not completely in her senses after the death of her daughter and after committing the crime of a murder. The story is quite beautiful in the sense that we are watching a man who is in need to become successful for his career but given such a boat to steer that has a hole in it and its destruction is a must.

The important aspect of the story that makes it more impressive than other courtroom dramas is that the lawyers argue on different points like in a real court, there is also discussion on different rules of law as what will happen if the culprit is proved guilty and other such legal issues are there in complete detail. The narration by Nick Podehl is digestible, as it gets lazy at times which was perhaps because of the story that was always proceeding in the courtroom with no fun element in it.      

Don’t forget to listen to the next books from the author that are also worth giving some time when you are free. Other books include An Invisible Client, A Gambler’s Jury and The White Angel Murder.


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