The New Jim Crow

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Era during which it is thought that racism is almost non-existent Michelle Alexander comes up with many dark realities about the American society. From the outside it is a good picture that the people see after the emancipation movement of Martin Luther King but injustice still remains. Injustice that the black men face in America has been kept hidden or perhaps the white people don’t consider it to be an injustice. War on Drugs even gets heavy blows from the author as she is of the view that it is a way to cage the black men by trapping them in the drug cases.

Or most of the time because of poverty and social hatred they are left with no other choice but get indulged in it because of frustration. Civil Rights organizations are targeted and are given message that they have not been helping the black race properly.

When the black people were targeted as those who were spreading crack cocaine, the thing was actually not present in the cities of the United States. Slowly in a hidden way the agenda of the world is the same i.e throw the black people in the pit of slavery.

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When the book was first published a decade ago there were many groups of people who had different ideas but the book slowly attracted them towards it. Author has not narrated it herself rather Karen Chilton got the duty to narrate this tough book that brought to the view of people something that perhaps they did want to hear.

Those connected to law agencies and politics must listen to Michelle once in their life, this book will provide a better approach towards criminal.


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