The Night Circus

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The Night Circus is a fine novel from Erin Morgenstern, which did well both at the hands of the critics and the fans of Erin. It is a literary fiction novel, where the sense of characterization and creativity of the author is highly appreciable. The narration of this novel is well handled by Jim Dale in his fine and soulful voice.

The circus mentioned in this novel comes all of a sudden. There was absolutely no warning and no announcements of any sort were made before it started. It was just there simply, when it wasn’t anywhere to be seen yesterday. There was a massively unique experience for everyone to witness in the striped black and white canvas tents. The experience was full of amazing and breathtaking moments. The circus is known as Le Cirque des Reves and it operates only at the night time.

However, behind the scenes, things were very different. There was a ferocious rivalry underway between 2 magicians. The young magicians were Marco and Celia, who were trained well right since their childhood by their mentors. It is actually about a game, where only 1 person could be left standing and that circus is actually a significant battle of will and imagination. Marco and Celia tumble into love. It was some great magical live, which could make the lights flicker and the inside of the room getting warm, whenever they both just even brush hands.

Whether it is the true love or not, but the thing is, the game must go on and should be played, while fates of everyone involved hang in the balance.

Der Nachtzirkus and The Starless Sea are other fine fictional novels from Erin Morgenstern, which wouldn’t disappoint you.

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